Sassy Cylinders

Can you remember back to elementary school, when you were first learning about shapes? Teachers would always assign the "fun" homework of searching for examples of each form amongst household objects. Spheres were simple, cubes were easy, but we distinctly remember running out of examples of cylinders.

Luckily for today’s school children, Sassy Cylinders exist for just this purpose! Ok, in all sincerity, these delicious hard candies actually exist for the sake of treating your mouth to something ridiculously delectable, but their lovely cylindrical shape sure comes in handy when you’re looking for something to round out your list of three-dimensional shapes!

In bright shades of PinkPurpleBlueGreenYellowOrange, and Red, each little cylinder is packed with a sassy amount of flavor. It’s about time to finish that homework assignment -- so grab an assorted bag of these hard candy treats to bring in to your second grade teacher of yesteryear. Late or not, these are sure to earn you some extra credit!
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