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Jooblers Candy

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For many a decade, in a land far, far away, King Peppermint Puff and Queen Buttermint Cream ruled the realm of melt-in-your-mouth candy crumbles. Their reign had never been questioned nor opposed, for who would dare challenge the supreme regime of Meltawaytopia?

And forever unopposed they would have remained, if not for a brave band of colorful court jesters who finally decided to step up to the task with fun and frivolity! A sweet and fruity treat, they presented a new alternative to the typically minty candy. Upon their entrance, the old monarchs bowed down before their refreshingly delightful presence, and the kingdom was filled with fruit-inspired jubilation! For this reason, the new rulers took the name "Jooblers," and all lived happily ever after.

Bite into one of these cool and classy candies to feel the soft and satisfying crumble, then experience the rush of black cherry flavor as it paints your palate with a sweetly innovative candy experience! A new take on the classic melt-a-way treat, these delectable, striped black confections are sure to bring much jubilation to your next gathering.

Long live the new candy crumble kings and queens -- the Jooblers are here to stay!

Candy Specifications:
  • Diameter: 3/4 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Flavor: Black Cherry
Tub contains 160 pieces of Black Jooblers Candy Crumble Melts.
Made in the USA.