Blue Squiggly Pops
Blue Squiggly Pops
Blue Squiggly Pops
Blue Squiggly Pops

Blue Swirl Lollipops

Squiggly Pops

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"Squiggle" is the name given to the shape nonsensical writing takes when it’s been done in a hurry… or by a two-year-old. It is also the term given to these teeny lollipops -- which happen to look like they’ve been scribbled upon by a two-year-old, come to think of it! Charming blue squiggles in unique patterns decorate each blue pop, making them perfect for baby showers and birthday parties alike. Each delightfully swirled sucker features a delicious blue raspberry flavor; try them out as fun cocktail garnishes or party favors and see what all the squiggle is about!

Sucker Specifications:
  • Net Weight: 0.44 Ounce
  • Diameter: 1.375 Inch
  • Total Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Flavor: Blue Raspberry
Jar contains 24 individually wrapped Squiggly Pops Petite Blue & White Swirl Lollipops.